Le Cassis Signature Loose Leaf Tea Pots 

Royal Saffron Tea (Le Cassis Signature Tea)  

Our favourite blend, Saffron and black tea brew, is a pure Persian classic. It has been celebrated for centuries for its gently unique flavour and vibrant colour and it makes a truly warm aromatic, mellow and healthy infusion. This is our signature tea and is served with a sweet-saffron crystallised sugar stick.

Premium Black Tea 

 Our special blend of  finest loose leaf black tea is used to bring you a rich and timeless classic.Our premium black tea has an amber liquor when steeped and possesses a rich fragrant aroma- creating a lovely golden infusion with a complex depth of flavour. Slightly dry and bitter on your tongue but smooths out to a rich almost buttery flavour.


Black Jasmine Tea 

Our premium black blend is combined with the strong and fragrant Jasmine flower tea to give a strong aroma of jasmine.


Black or Green Rose Tea

A fusion of our premium black tea or our earthy green tea with our delicate yet fragrant rose tea.


Black or Green Cinnamon Tea  

Our rich and aromatic cinnamon blend is fused with our premium black tea or our earthy green tea infused with a fragrant cinnamon water and a cinnamon stick.


Black or Green Cardamom Tea 

 Our warm and exotic and fragrant cardamom blend is combined with our premium black tea or our earthy green tea.


Black or Green Mint Tea 

 A cool and refreshing blend of peppermint and spearmint combined with our premium black or earthy green tea.  


Classic Earl Grey Tea 

 A simple blend of delicious Ceylon black tea enhanced by the addition of highly fragrant and naturally sourced citrus oil.


Creamy Earl Grey Tea 

A distinctive citrusy body with just a hint of French vanilla on the finish, our Cream Earl Grey offers a rich and robust Earl Grey experience, lightened and lifted by mellow cream & floral notes.


Blooming Tea Flowers 

 A scented, hand woven green tea which gives a delicate, fruity flavour that is created right before your eyes. Watch your tea unbelievably bloom to life.


Jasmin Silver Needle White Tea ( $4 Add on)

 Jasmine Silver Needle is fine white tea composed of young leaves and buds with a light whisper of pure, delicate and fragrant jasmine blossoms. Jasmine is a night-blooming flower that is incredibly fragrant,  Steeping brings out a pale golden infusion that is highly aromatic; the resulting flavour of the infusion is subtly sweet, and highly fragrant. It is a mild, exquisite white tea that makes for a wonderful companion. Jasmine Silver Needle is naturally low in caffeine and rich in anti-oxidants.


Green Jasmine Dragon Pearls ( $4 Add on)

Organically grown aromatic night blooming jasmine flowers are layered between fresh young green tea leaves and buds eight to ten times- infusing the tea with their distinct and exquisite floral aroma. The jasmine infused tea is then rolled at a ratio of two leaves to one unopened bud into small "pearls".


Tea of the season:


Christmas Spices Chai

Once Christmas rolls around, we know all spice everything is on its way! Our Christmas Spice Chai tea blend is anything but basic. Our mélange of the cozy flavours of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and clove is blended with a hint of pumpkin- just like the classic spice blend featured in everyone’s favourite Christmas pudding.

Caffeine Free loose leaf Tea Pots 


Rose Garden Tea 

"Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet." Said Katharine Lee Bates and we couldn't agree more with songwriter Katherine, roses make the world a sweeter place! We proclaim that roses are truly the essence of beauty, romance, femininity and sweetness. Our rare rose blossoms are infused with sweet spices and rose water to give this tea its rich and floral taste. 


Rose & Saffron Tea  

The floral notes of fresh rose petals and buds are immersed together with our luxurious saffron tea to give you smooth blend with a distinct rich aroma. Our luxury grade pure saffron roots produces a deep yellow infusion, sweet to the taste, and rich in pure saffron flavour. Regarded as a mild sedative and anti-depressant, saffron is increasingly used in treatments for conditions of stress: nervous tension, peptic ulcers, heart disease, among others. There is nothing imitation about our Rose Garden, this is pure rose tea at its absolute finest.


Peppermint Tea 

 Peppermint is an herbal tea classic; and no wonder, it has a pure, refreshing, healing and rejuvenating flavour full of natural oils! Peppermint tea is cooling, fresh, aromatic and healing. Peppermint teas have a strong flavour, and fragrant aroma, because of the naturally high levels of menthol preserved in the leaf after it is dried. Wild growing pure peppermint is an herbal tisane that is naturally caffeine free.


Very Berry Tea 

 A trio of lush blackberries, red raspberries and dried strawberries are the anti-oxidant rich summer berries that highlight our Very Berry herbal tea. Tart, bold and juicy, just like a vine ripened summer blackberry! Our Very Berry  is the fruity tea you have been searching for! 


Piña Colada  

We are so excited to offer you Piña Colada, our absolute favourite cocktail inspired herbal tea; here is a healthy, and guilt-free way to enjoy the national drink of Puerto Rico! This caffeine free fruit tea has a tart hibiscus base, known for numerous health benefits, but especially as being ultra-hydrating an excellent alternative to sports drinks. This tea blend smells, and actually tastes like Piña Colada! At first sip the fresh pineapple flavour pairs well with the zing of hibiscus, and both fade out to a wonderful sweet and creamy coconut, full flavoured Piña Colada goodness, minus the rum! 


Hibiscus Rose Tea 

 Luscious Hibiscus Rose tisane is a simple blend of luxury-grade hibiscus and pure rose petals, an experience of ultimate elegance! Fragrant rose is naturally calming to the mind and the body; rose tisane helps to ease the mind of stress and will help relieve mild depression and anxiety. Hibiscus tisane not only tastes lovely but is rich in vitamin-c.  Luscious Hibiscus Rose produces a deep ruby infusion, it is fragrant, relaxing and light; with a long-lasting rich rose flavour. 

HoneyBush Rooibos Tea

Honeybush is what we like to call a "sibling" of oh so popular rooibos, which is also cultivated in South Africa's Eastern Cape region. Its flowers smell of honey, earning this plant its sweet name. Honeybush brews a cup similar in flavor to pure roobos, arguably a little sweeter. Just like its South African sibling, honeybush is free of caffeine and tannins, though it is rich health benefits- such as its antioxidant content, mineral content (full of iron, potassium, calcium) helping prevent anemia and balancing water in the body. 


Tea of the season:


Cinnamon Baked Pear

Cinnamon Baked Pear herbal tea blend is inspired by freshly harvested autumn baked pears. The warm cinnamon and ginger spice blend go hand in hand with the marriage of pear and toasty nuts just perfectly.

Cinnamon teas are excellent in helping treat IBS, and cinnamon aids diabetics in balancing their sugar levels. Altogether our Cinnamon Baked Pear fruity tea has captured the flavour of baked cinnamon spiced pears, like a taste of pure autumn comfort in a cup. At first sip, you will taste sweet pear with cinnamon warmth, and the infusion ends with warming ginger and a sweet, nutty flavour