About us


For years, the founders and owners of Le Cassis, Hoda and Mo have travelled with a passion for tasting some of the best dishes the world has to offer – particularly desserts. They enthusiastically savoured sweets in cosmopolitan cities like Paris, Singapore, New York and took every opportunity to try a cooking class by renowned chefs whenever they were abroad. Their food experiences not only tasted good, but they were also masterpieces and works of art. This became their inspiration for creating beautifully hand-crafted macarons in artisan care in details.

Hoda, head pastry chef, trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she honed her skills alongside a number of ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ and renowned Michelin-starred chefs in patisseries in France and in world. After years of experience and practice decided she was ready to open up her own Patisserie in Vancouver. With the assistance of Mo, they braved the highly competitive culinary world by starting up their new venture.


In April 2019, Le Cassis opened just in time for the spring season and their dream became a reality. The macaron boxes sold out within days of announcement. Today, their high tea offerings have become a highly anticipated experience and the seasonal editions are sought after by the brands’ enthusiasts. 

The core of the business conceptually gives a sense of French elegance with a conceptually decadent style. High quality and contemporary products run through the veins of our brand; it is everything we pride ourselves on. 

Attention to detail is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s a new pastry creation or a High Tea menu update, Hoda, Mo and the team at Le Cassis ensure that their products meet the highest standards. 

The Brand’s Promise:

“Le Cassis offers an evolving selection of Macarons, desserts and pastries created using classic and contemporary French cooking styles and techniques. We pride ourselves on making our products in-house with natural ingredients, French charm and lots of love.

With appreciation and modesty, we conduct our business with flavour and creativity to fully indulge all your senses. We are all about providing our customers with experiences that they truly love for life.”